Donghia’s new Spring Collection is here!

Donghia’s new Circus Collection features textiles and wallcoverings that evoke the thrill of magic and a circus coming to town! Every design created for this collection pulsates with the very energy, atmosphere and essence of the engaging spectacle. Anticipation and excitement are handsomely rewarded with daring acts of design, dazzling feats of performance and stunning surprises in showcase which fuels the imagination and ignites the senses. Circus is available now, no ticket required.

Take a peek below to view this fascinating and enticing collection.

Donghia is located at 1025 N. Stemmons Fwy., Ste. 800, Dallas, TX.


(Jester is a dynamic jacquard which splinters the usual diamonds of a harlequin pattern into triangles. Shown in Blue)


(Jester in Blue, Grey, Green, Beige and Brown)


(Ringmaster is a jacquard that takes a nod to a classic menswear suiting fabric. Shown in Grey)



(Tightrope uses embroidered lines and zig-zags to capture the artist’s struggle to maintain balance and composure walking above the crowd. Shown in Black)


(Tightrope in Black)



(Trapeze embraces the twirling motions of the trapeze artists with embroidered motifs.)





(Smoke And Mirrors is an open weave of faux raffia paper strands that is applied with a metallic foil and then printed with a hazy stripe. Shown in Gold)



(Bamboozle is covered in matte faux raffia paper and blended with rayon. Shown in Sky)


(Bamboozle Metallic is a blend of paper and rayon to give it a pure metal look! Shown in Gold)


(Bamboozle Metallic in Silver and Gold)

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